Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Whether you are redecorating or planning to create a beautiful design for your space, it is essential that you work out a budget and abide by it, in order to keep away from spending too much.Seeking for an expert advice should be seen more as an investment rather than an expense, as they help you work out a suitable budget setting you free from the hassles that you may face while doing it on your own. Your interior budget depends upon your location, purpose, finishing types,quality of the materials employed and the decorative articles that you have chosen, along with the size of the room and furniture, which vastly impacts the budget. Paints that are available in a variety of shades, brands and finish in Nepal is an element which also account for a significant share of the budget.

      Working out the funds
Be certain about the amount of money that you can manage in order to complete your project and determine the amount that you can afford. If you are seeking for financial assistance, consider the long-term and immediate costs that are associated.Work out the minimal rate of interest with your finances, after considering all your options and thorough consultation with professionals. Make sure you manage an amount that covers an additional 20% of your budget as it is always better to be prepared for the incremental costs or other unforeseen problems as your project goes underway.

·         Have a clear understanding
Be articulate about how you want your space to appear and what the room is supposed to be used for.Be sure to separate the redundant costs from the basics.If you plan to hire a professional designer, make sure you work out all the costs, leaving no room for confusions or extra charges later on, that may mess up your budget.

·         Be willing to compromise
Always keep in mind that compromising means cutting down on costs. For instance,there is a luxurious piece of furniture that you have laid your eyes on, but the cost swells up your budget, you will have to find a reasonably priced one as a replacement to it.

·         Cut down on labor costs where possible

Be frugal in allocating your budget and realistically cut down on unprofessional labor work that you can conduct yourself, given the condition that you will not make matters worse after initiating the task. In Nepal, the Painting budget can be cut down considerably with some guidance and do-it-yourself tips.

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