Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Redecoration on Your Mind?

Bored of bland and uninteresting room? Redecoration and Improvisation would be an excellent idea for getting rid of the blandness. However, it can be a daunting task to some and it may also concern you of the superfluous expense. But, redecoration doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive and elaborate. It can be something as simple as replacing your old bed with a modern one and arranging other things that you already have in harmony with it or even redoing the walls accordingly. Shades for painting the walls during the redecoration process can be selected out of the plethora of assortments offered by the paint manufacturers in Nepal
The primary thing to do would be to formulate a plan. and major attention needs to be paid to the permanent structures in the room which include the windows, doors and fireplace ( in some places ) The amount of natural lighting and the purpose of the room need to be taken into consideration as well.
Another important thing would be to work out your budget. Simply repainting your wall in a different color work wonders for the new look. There are a wide range of Paints brands available in Nepal which can be purchased at reasonable rates. If you have a specific style in mind with a clear view of how you want your room to turn out, it is well and fine. In case you don’t, just keep it simple and things should turn out well. Here are some key points that can be helpful.
1.      Getting inspiration from other things helps. It could be a hotel room that you recently noticed or something as simple as a bed sheet or the sleek new study table. It can be a guideline to other aspects of your redecoration like the choice of color for your furniture, curtains and other decorative. Colour for the walls can be selected from the many options that is readily available in the market in Nepal
2.      Make your prized collections a key item of decoration. You may artistically arrange your trophies and other articles to give a personal touch to your room.
3.      Redecoration also has room for reuse. You may reuse some of the stuff that you already have. For instance, you may repaint your wooden rack, transform the wooden bunk of your bed into a coffee table or have your old painting reframed. It is all about increasing the attention to the worthy aspects and omitting or minimizing attention to the avoidable things.
4.      Lighting is one thing that gets neglected. It is important to arrange sufficient lighting according to the natural light the room receives and the use of the room. Use of dimmers can control the intensity of light as per the mood and lighting requirement.

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