Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Painting Boredom Away!

Painting, an expression through art is a creative job. The next time you are bored, consider painting your room. Painting the walls of your room can be a great pastime and therapeutic to your senses. A boring weekend or leisure can be well utilized for painting your rooms, especially if painting catches your fancy. Also, you have a brand new and refreshed space for yourself to live in. Idea of Paints & colour ideas can be drawn from numerous sources in Nepal. One can seek inspiration from anywhere around. Ideas for the colors and design can be borrowed from the rich, old, local culture, professionals or even one's own fantasy. Painting a wall does require some basic skills and technique, which needs to be planned beforehand.
Getting the appropriate paint and selecting the shade for your walls is the foremost step. Wall colors with over a dozen eminent paint brands are readily available in a wide array of shades and hues in Nepal.
Preparing the wall is vital before you start painting. Involve your family, friends and others. A well prepped wall substrate can ensure an appealing and lasting paint job. Walls need to be scrutinized for, cracks, stains and then treated. You could utilize putty to conceal cracks and suitable sand paper to smoothen the regions where it has been applied. Additionally, wall surface should be dust-free, clean, and dry for a durable paint-work. Using a good quality primer can bring good results.
Wrapping the furniture, floors and other exposed areas with plastic, paper, cloth and so forth to forestall paint trickle and stains, is sensible to avoid rigorous cleaning later.
While painting, the rollers ought to be moved in an arrangement of "V" and "W" shaped strokes to cover a sensible area and repeated if any spot is left. Take a break after the first coat is complete. Allow the paint to dry which may take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours depending on the composition of paint.  Cheap paints colors with good quality that are available in Nepal are priced very reasonably. This has made painting a not-so-costly affair.

Take breaks in between and remember to have fun, as it is the prime agenda! If a second coat is required wait for the appropriate time to dry.

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