Friday, September 26, 2014

Colors That Define Your Life

There are thousands of shades of Wall paint colors of different hues to choose from in Nepal. The paint manufacturers also offer you services that create customized colors that match your imagination. It literally is like painting your imagination.

Wall paint colours determine how beautiful the house may appear. Getting the appropriate colours for your house may be a daunting task with the plethora of options to choose from. However, the right arrangement of colors in the right place in the right way is required to create a dramatic change in the outlook of the house. Wall painting colours available in Nepal boast of richness in types and shades. The interiors and exteriors can be redecorated for that drastic change in the appearance adding exuberance and newness.
Painting beautiful murals in the exteriors of the houses and also the boundary walls in authentic and modern art styles are catching up a trend. House owners seem to be lured by this smart and modern approach to redecoration. Walls are the canvas for those connoisseurs of painting.
The colors need to be comprehended well, so that they can be used in a smart and aesthetically pleasing manner. There are basically primary and secondary colors that whaen perfectly combined bring out great outcome. Primary colors include - red, blue and yellow while secondary colors like- green, orange, violet, brown are the result of mixing of primary colors. The color cycle can come in handy to guide the user. An interior designer may also be consulted for the purpose, but an additional input from the owners’ side brings a personal feel to the design. Special preference should be given to one’s taste in colour. After all, home is an integral part of one’s life and the colors brighten life.
Besides the right color, the quality of paint should be heeded as well. The manufacturers of paint have resorted to render the paints more environment friendly and least hazardous for us humans. There are paints with minimal or no chemical toxins referred to as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Such paints pose low threat to the health of the users.
Furthermore, it is essential to pick paints that have better durability. Use of inferior paint causes the paint to wear off quicker causing the house to appear faded in a relatively short span of time.

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